Haven Hill Kennel Boston Terriers and Bull Terriers in South Carolina


We're Expecting Puppies!

Fill out our application to be placed on our notification list when a Bull Terrier puppy becomes available. Bull Terriers are not a beginner breed for 1st time dog owners. Please research the breed well and be able to meet the needs of a powerful and very active that requires lots of play, excercise and training to thrive.  They do best with owners who enforce consistant rules and provide daily mental and physical excercise outlets.

Application and Contact Form

Upcoming Planned Litters

Bull Terrier puppies expected around 1st week of Oct 2019 out of our beautiful imported sire..  
Heavily colored Black and tans expected like the pup in the pic on left.

Fill out form above to be notified.

No Boston Terrier breedings planned.

~General Puppy Information~

We are located in Greenville, South Carolina with shipping to most areas. Our dogs are only placed in exceptional homes, ready for the commitment and responsibility of adding a permanent new family member. We invest much time, love, health testing, training, and expense into our dogs and our pups need the same quality of care and love from families they are placed with. Companion puppies are sold with AKC pet registraion and microchipped before joining you. They are raised in our home, and socialized  with people and other dogs. Videos are taken weekly and shared with owners who can watch the puppies grow.       


~ AKC Companion Registration
~ Full Veterinary Exam
~ Health Records
~ Written Health Guarantee
~ Microchipped
~ Dew Claws Removed
~ Age Appropriate Preventitive Health Care
~ Puppy Starter Pack with food and vitamins
~ Crate and accessories (If flown)
~ Additional Veterinary Health Certificate (If flown)

~Air Shipping Options~

~ Puppies may fly out of GSP Greenville, SC to the airport nearest to your home. (temperature restrictions apply)
~ Puppies may be taken in-cabin as a carry-on with owner's reservation. We can meet you at GSP for hand delivery.
~ We do not ship to countries that require dogs to be held in gov't rabies quarantine facilities.
~ Boston Terriers cannot be shipped unless taken as carry-on in cabin with a passenger. This requires a regular passenger ticket, with an add-on for a small dog.

~Ground Delivery Options~

~ Ground delivery options are available via professional k9 transporters based on varying schedules and routes.
~ Prices vary based on route and timing for professional transport delivery to longer distances.
~ We can meet you personally part way up to 2 hours one-way from Greenville, SC for free.
~ Personal delivery flat gas fee charged for anything over 2 hours to 3 hours max one-way.

~Pick Up Options~

~ Puppies can be picked up after 8 weeks of age.
~ We can meet you part way, up to 3 hours from Greenville, SC for a flat gas fee. Up to 2 hours for free.
~ We are located approx 1 hour from Asheville, NC. 2 hours from Atlanta, Georgia, 2 hours from Charlotte, NC, 2 hours from Columbia, SC.